Law Firm Office Space for Lease and Rent in Manhattan and NYC

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Find the perfect Law Firm Space for Rent in NYC with Metro Manhattan! Most law firms prefer to have offices in Midtown Manhattan, larger firms prefer a Downtown location (typically the Financial District) to gain the benefits of being close to City Hall and courthouses located in its vicinity. In 2019, law firms accounted for 5.9% of all leased space in the United States (according to CBRE) making them sizable tenants in the office space market.

For over 17 years, Metro Manhattan Office Space has successfully negotiated many hundreds of leases for office space in New York City. Make use of our knowledge of the available listings, landlords, and buildings, and take advantage of record low square footage costs in 2021 by securing a highly favorable long-term lease to reduce your business’s long-term real estate costs. Browse our listings or call us at for access to thousands of properties not currently listed on our site: (212) 444-2241

What Lawyers Look for When Renting Office Space in Manhattan

The legal industry provides advice and services to customers in many areas – general litigation, administrative, corporate and appellate law, intellectual property matters, patent laws, antitrust, immigration, sports, estate, probate and many others. Law firms aim to impress their clients and value well-appointed spaces that make their clients comfortable. Aside from private offices, most law firms require space for a reception area, designated areas for assistants and paralegals, conference rooms, a library, and document storage, as well as a kitchen and dining area for staff.

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Common Tenant Considerations for Law Firm Office Space

  • Location, proximity to primary clients
  • Telecommunications (fiber internet access, VoIP, 4G/5G cellular availability etc.)
  • Building amenities (gyms, waiting areas, bathrooms, shops etc)
  • Visibility and prestige
  • Neighborhood security
  • Building security
  • Neighboring tenants
  • Office space buildout, signage and other customizations
  • Favorable long-term lease terms
  • Overall leasing costs

Current Average Office Space Leasing Costs in Manhattan

(Updated September 2023)

Class A Buildings: $49 to $130 per square foot

Class B Buildings: $33 to $70 per square foot

Class C Buildings: $26 to $50 per square foot

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Ready to get help?

Talking to us will give you new insights. Our goal is to facilitate your search for a new space while protecting your interests and saving you money. Call us at (212) 444-2241 and benefit from our 17 years of specialized commercial real estate experience in Manhattan.

New York Office Building “Classes”

Regardless of whether you need traditional office space, an open plan commercial loft or a short-term executive office suite, it is helpful to understand the differences between “A”, “B” or “C” office buildings:

Class A Buildings: Prestigious and Luxurious

  • Lobbies attended by staff 24/7
  • Air-conditioned lobbies and common areas
  • Property management on-premises
  • High level of capital improvements
  • Cleaning services included in the base rents
  • Advanced fire alarm and security systems

Class B Buildings: Affordable & Functional

  • Traditional lobbies and corridors
  • 24/7 tenant access
  • Attended lobbies, mostly during business hours

Class C Buildings: Bare Bones and Cost-Effective

Class C buildings offer the most affordable NYC office space for lease. They are usually former warehouse or manufacturing buildings converted to office use. In some cases attended, the lobbies may range from nice and acceptable to bare bones and functional. Class C buildings are great for start-ups that are seeking inexpensive office space to lease in NYC.