The Top 6 Amenities NYC Office Tenants Will Look for Post-Pandemic

22 July, 2021 / Alan Rosinsky

As the New York City office scene undergoes a significant shift, the buzzword is ‘adaptation.’ Office spaces once brimming with activity now stand amid an era of transformation, with landlords scrambling to meet tenants’ changing needs. At the heart of this narrative lies a crucial element: post-pandemic amenities.

Indeed, companies are responding to these shifts in different ways. Some are broadening their office footprint in the city, while others are embracing indefinite remote work. Nevertheless, recent data paints a striking picture: a significant portion of Manhattan’s office space remains unoccupied.

Despite these turbulent changes, city officials and experts are hopeful about the resilience of the city’s commercial real estate market. But make no mistake – returning to office life doesn’t imply returning to the ‘old normal.’ In other words? Tenant expectations have dramatically shifted in tandem with the changing world.

So, what are office tenants seeking in this post-pandemic era? We’ve identified the top six amenities that are shaping their priorities.

1. More Personal Space

Pre-pandemic office dynamics celebrated open layouts and hotdesking. As a cost-effective approach, it allowed companies to accommodate more employees and foster collaboration. However, the pandemic’s ripple effects have significantly impacted this trend, prompting a reevaluation of office design.

Some experts have boldly declared the death of the open office, a testament to the shift in perspective. While this assertion might be contentious, one element remains indisputable: the priority of social distancing in the post-pandemic office scene.

That said, don’t envision a return to the era of drab cubicles. Instead, the future of office spaces is about redefining personal space. Picture more room for each employee, clever separators, and semi-private or private offices.

2. Air Quality

Say goodbye to the days of window air conditioning units. Landlords who neglect office air quality might soon find their spaces lacking appeal. Furthermore, retrofitting and building-wide upgrades require substantial investment, giving newer buildings an advantage.

Even as Covid-19 fades into history, its legacy persists through heightened health awareness. The specter of potential epidemics keeps air quality at the top of tenant concerns. As a result, post-pandemic amenities that promise cleaner, healthier air have surged in importance.

In light of these developments, state-of-the-art, tenant-controlled HVAC systems and modern ventilation and air purifying technologies have emerged as key attractions. These features will continue to shape tenant preferences in the years to come.

3. Touchless Technology

Let’s paint a picture of the post-pandemic work environment. Imagine stepping into a sleek elevator. A quick scan of your badge sparks life into the cabin, illuminating your chosen floor – no buttons pressed, no germs spread. The future? Thanks to touchless technology, it’s “the now” in many New York City office buildings.

Post-pandemic amenities are no longer a luxury but a necessity as more employers want their employees to return to the office. As a result, office-goers are more hygiene-conscious than ever, and landlords are answering the call with an impressive display of touchless tech.

It’s not just elevators. Imagine accessing a building touchless, with lighting that responds to your presence and thermostats that adjust without any need to flick a switch. Even something as simple as a trip to the pantry becomes a transformed experience, with faucets flowing at the wave of a hand and automatic soap dispensers prioritizing cleanliness.

4. Access to Outdoor Space

Consider this: you’re neck-deep in work, immersed in a critical project, and need a breather. Doesn’t it make it easier if you only have to walk a few feet for a serene, sun-bathed terrace with a panoramic view of the city? This scenario underscores the rising importance of outdoor spaces in our new normal.

The drive for work-life balance has become more pronounced. Employees seek a workspace and a natural connection during office hours. Recognizing this shift, landlords are prioritizing outdoor spaces as essential post-pandemic amenities.

In today’s remote-work era, traditional offices must offer more. Whether it’s a skyline-view balcony, a rooftop garden for lunch breaks, or proximity to public parks, these features set the bar for NYC office spaces.

5. A Transit-Oriented Location

Imagine leaving your office, hopping on a bike, and riding through New York City on a clear summer’s day. Or perhaps you’re a green enthusiast, plugging in your electric vehicle at the office’s charging station. Welcome to the new age of transit-oriented locations in the post-pandemic world.

Your office space’s location is more than just about proximity to subway stations. Certainly, they’re still relevant, but the pandemic has drastically broadened our perspectives. Nowadays, employees wholeheartedly embrace diverse commute options, making the concept of a transit-oriented location much more multifaceted.

Presently, the clamor is for office spaces that fully acknowledge these new preferences. Easy access to bike paths or dedicated parking spaces for those who drive is rapidly becoming the norm. Moreover, let’s remember the cyclists and eco-conscious drivers. Amenities such as secure bike storage and electric car charging stations have skyrocketed on the wish list of potential tenants.

6. Flexibility

Imagine an office space that molds to your needs, mirroring your team’s dynamism and workload. Welcome to the era of flexible post-pandemic offices.

Work-life balance now carries a new meaning, with flexibility becoming the new gold in office real estate. Some find productivity spikes when working remotely. Others flourish with flexible schedules and hybrid models. The lesson? Uniformity in work environments is a concept of the past.

Landlords are catching on. They’re championing adaptability, offering spaces that transform swiftly to meet diverse tenant needs. Here, modular office furniture emerges as the quiet game-changer among post-pandemic amenities.

These clever designs can adapt on the fly. More private meeting rooms? Easy. Partitions to separate departments? Done. The cherry on top? It’s a budget-friendly alternative to traditional office renovations.

The Key Takeaway

So, as we look toward the future, it’s clear – the New York City office landscape has irrevocably changed. However, we’re not just talking about fresh paint and new furniture. Instead, we’re talking about a paradigm shift in what tenants expect from their workspace.

Post-pandemic amenities are no longer just nice-to-haves; they’re game-changers. They’re the difference between a space that feels like just another office and one that feels like a productive, personalized hub.

As we journey into this brave new world of office real estate, one thing is certain. The offices that will stand out are those that not only adapt to the changing times but also anticipate and fulfill the evolving needs of their tenants. Hence, the future is here, flexible, accessible, and decidedly touch-free.

So the next time you spearhead a search for a new office, especially if you want your employees to show up, ask a straightforward question. Is this a place my team would like to work?


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