Man in art gallery, black-haired, observing bronze object on pedestal with arms crossed

Art dealers love to showcase their unique pieces in charming, prestigious neighborhoods that easily draw art enthusiasts for shows and openings. Gallery office space is located throughout New York City, but the majority of art galleries have gravitated towards three primary neighborhoods:

  • SoHo (south of Houston) – this area has always been the hub of creativity and progressive thought. SoHo is a regular haunt for such art luminaries as Jeffrey Deitch and Gavin Brown
  • Western Chelsea (streets around the teens and 20’s) – became home to hundreds of art galleries like the Matthew Marks, the Sonnabend, and the Andrea Rosen when Downtown art galleries were priced out of Soho. Located mostly in small cottages, converted garages, and boutique buildings, Chelsea galleries tend to focus primarily on contemporary art.
  • The Upper East Side (between Fifth and Madison Avenues, 57th to 86th Streets) – is home to galleries dealing in traditional works of art. Such major players in the art market as Pace Wildenstein and Gagosian Galleries have signed long term leases for gallery space in the area.

Gallery owners seeking real estate in Manhattan typically look for ground floor art spaces that entice art enthusiasts to stop in and browse. Ten- to fifteen-foot ceilings provide ample display space for large pieces and enhance the dramatic effect while the wide, open floor space creates specialized display areas for 3-dimensional art or unusual installations. Lofts are often the preferred gallery space for rent in NYC for the large windows admitting natural light and no doors or walls to restrict movement.

Finding and renting the right space for your gallery in NYC depends on knowing where to look and what neighborhoods draw the buyers you’re looking for. We have experienced brokers representing the interests of commercial art dealers throughout Manhattan and will assist in renting, purchasing or subletting space for your art business.

Rental rates for art gallery space in NYC depend on factors like location, size, and the length of the lease. In art-heavy neighborhoods like Chelsea or the Upper East Side, art gallery rents range from $5,000 per month for a smaller space to more than $20,000 per month for a more spacious location. 

How many art galleries are there in New York City? 

There are more than 1,500 art galleries in New York City, according to estimates, the highest concentration in the entire world. Most of these galleries are located in Manhattan, specifically in neighborhoods like Chelsea, the Upper East Side and the Lower East Side. Some of the best art galleries in the city are the Gagosian Gallery, the David Zwirner Gallery, and Christie’s.