Office Rentals for Manhattan Based PR Firms

Young creative team working on desktops in a contemporary office environment

Public relations agencies are responsible for the images of their clients. When searching for office space of their own, PR agencies also hope to make an impression. Depending on their client base and firm philosophy, some PR agencies are drawn to traditional spaces that feature separate offices and a grand reception area; while others prefer a more minimal and modern aesthetic.Depending on the size of the PR agency, spatial needs may vary, but typically include a reception area, several conference rooms with pin-up boards for presentations, open space for cubicles or desks or private offices for staff, and a kitchenette and small dining area. Larger PR agencies may employ a graphic arts department, for which they’ll need workstations and printing space.

Midtown is one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for public relations agencies, particularly Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Other areas of concentration include the Flatiron District, Chelsea and Broadway in SoHo. Many PR agencies prefer that their offices are situated near those of their clients.

Lease Manhattan Office Space for a Public Relations Agency

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