Manhattan Advertising Agency Space

Ad agency team in a modern office: hardwood floors and exposed ceiling

Advertising Agency office space has the reputation of being well-designed. After all, the purpose of the agency is manage images and ultimately sell their clients’ products, so it is important the agency sells itself by making an impression through the interior design of its office space.
Many advertising firms prefer minimal and modern office designs, and they are often drawn to former industrial spaces such as warehouses and lofts. While the ad agencies of the past required separate office spaces, most agencies now prefer plenty of open space for a more informal and efficient arrangement. Spatial needs for advertising agencies typically include reception area, several conference rooms, open space for cubicles or desks, private offices for principles and bookkeeping/accounting staff, kitchenette and dining area, printer and media rooms, gallery and pin-up/lay-out areas, and space for the art department.

As the television show Mad Men indicates, Madison Avenue used to be the must-have address for Manhattan’s top advertising agencies. However, in recent years, many ad agencies have moved to more creative areas such as SoHo and NoHo, Greenwich Village, Tribeca and Park Avenue South. Others agencies have been drawn in by affordable rents in Midtown and Midtown South.

Lease Manhattan Office Space for an Advertising Agency

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