The Best Hedge Fund Office Buildings in NYC

28 April, 2022 / Alan Rosinsky
World Trade Center and Financial Center from North Cove Marina, prime NYC commercial real estate.

Imagine your hedge fund nestled in Manhattan’s Plaza District among giants like Millennium Management, BlackRock, and D.E. Shaw & Co. What, you may ask, draws these financial powerhouses to the Big Apple? It’s the city’s irresistible allure and Class A office buildings – the ultimate symbol of success. So it’s unsurprising that if you run a hedge fund, you’re probably wondering where to find the best hedge fund office buildings in NYC.

Consider some of Manhattan’s premier office spaces that boast state-of-the-art amenities, such as MERV 3 filtration, 24/7 security, and parking for luxury vehicles. Step inside and marvel at breathtaking views and sunlit interiors that inspire peak performance and impress discerning clients.

Moreover, with flexible, long-term leases and expansion opportunities, these architectural gems offer hedge funds the stability they need to flourish. So, if you’re seeking the perfect Manhattan address for your fund, look no further. We’ve curated a list of the most coveted buildings for financial elites, where you can start cultivating or adding to your success story.

Top Manhattan Neighborhoods and Offices for Hedge Funds

As we venture through Manhattan’s bustling landscape, we’ll uncover prime locations where hedge fund powerhouses reside. While well-established hedge funds dominate Midtown, budding firms gravitate towards Midtown South and Downtown. So, follow along as we reveal the best Class A office buildings tailor-made for hedge funds in Manhattan’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

Lower Manhattan, Financial District

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center, a breathtaking 3.1 million-square-foot skyscraper, stands tall as a beacon of innovation. Completed in 2014, David Childs’ design houses industry giants like Conde Nast, Moody’s, and Reddit.In addition to its LEED Gold certification, this architectural masterpiece offers seamless access to public transportation. Plus, it boasts 24-hour access and prime office spaces with column-free spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows.


  • Partial 80th Floor, Suite P80 (Image Source: VTS)


This 18,593 sq ft pre-existing office space, accommodating 124 people, is open for sublease.

  • Partial 61st Floor, Suite P61 (Image Source: VTS)


This 20,464 sq ft pre-existing office space, suitable for 136 people, is currently available for sublease.

  • Entire 88th Floor, Suite 8800 (Image Source: VTS)


This turnkey 34,382 sq ft office space, with an estimated capacity of 229 people, is available for sublease now.

Lower Manhattan, Financial District

7 World Trade Center

Welcome to 7 World Trade Center, a 1.7 million-square-foot sanctuary in Lower Manhattan for hedge funds seeking Class A office space. Not only does this tower offer a sleek lobby, but it also provides captivating views of the cityscape. In addition, the exceptional subway and PATH access make it an easily accessible location. As a 2006-built, LEED Platinum-certified tower, it is no surprise that this location hosts prestigious tenants like Moody’s and Moët Hennessy USA. As you explore the versatile spaces available, ranging from 50 to 60,700 sq ft, you’ll find they offer exposed ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, conference rooms, and customizable layouts.


  • Partial 39th Floor, Suite P39 (Image Source: VTS)


This 10,442 sq ft office space, suitable for approximately 70 people, is currently available for sublease, featuring a pre-existing layout.

  • Entire 11th Floor, Suite 1100 (Image Source: VTS)


A spacious 39,365 sq ft office, accommodating around 262 people, is immediately available for sublease with a pre-existing layout.

Midtown, Grand Central

One Vanderbilt  

Introducing One Vanderbilt, a transformative skyscraper featuring 1.8 million sq ft of Class A office space in Midtown’s Grand Central submarket. Completed in 2020, this tower is not only an architectural masterpiece, but it also neighbors Grand Central Terminal. In fact, this location houses renowned tenants like Sentinel, TD Bank, Greenberg Traurig, The Carlyle Group, and Stone Ridge Asset Management. Beyond the impressive tenant list, One Vanderbilt boasts 30,000 sq ft of exclusive amenities, including a terrace, club-style lounge, and Le Pavillon restaurant. Moreover, as you step inside the offices themselves, you’ll be greeted with modern features and striking designs.


  • 54th Floor, Suite 5405 (A) (Image Source: VTS)


This 6,393 sq ft office space is in pre-built condition and has an estimated capacity of 73 people. It’s available now for direct leasing and features a 15′ 2″ slab-to-slab ceiling height.

  • 54th Floor, Suite 5410 (Suite D) (Image courtesy of VTS)


This 7,134 sq ft pre-built office space, suitable for 48 people, offers a 15′ 2″ slab-to-slab ceiling height and is available for direct leasing.

  • Entire 72nd Floor, Suite 7200 (Image source VTS)


This 10,790 sq ft core and shell office space, accommodating 72 people, is now available for direct leasing.

Midtown, Park Avenue

300 Park Avenue | Colgate-Palmolive Building

Discover the Colgate-Palmolive Building, a 773,056 sq ft Class A marvel designed by Emery, Roth & Sons in 1955. Located in Midtown’s Park Avenue submarket, this building is nestled between two iconic landmarks, the Waldorf Astoria and Grand Central Terminal. As you step inside, you’ll notice the renovated lobby and modern systems that make it a top-notch location. The Colgate-Palmolive Building is home to many renowned tenants, including GoldenTree Asset Management, Madison International Realty, and Chilton Investment Company, to name a few. Plus, with its excellent amenities, it’s easy to see why so many businesses choose to call this location home.


  • Partial 17th Floor, Suite 1710 (Image Source: VTS)


This pre-built 4,202 sq ft office space, accommodating 28 people, is available for direct lease starting 8/15/23.

  • Partial 17th Floor, Suite 1740 (Image Source: VTS)


This 7,062 sq ft pre-built office space, suitable for 47 people, will be open for direct lease starting 8/15/23.

  • Partial 17th Floor, Suite 1730 (Image Source: VTS)


This spacious 14,102 sq ft pre-built office, with a capacity for 94 people, will be available for direct lease on 8/15/23.

Midtown, ​​Rockefeller Center

600 Fifth Avenue 

Discover 600 Fifth Avenue, a 26-story Class A building in Midtown Manhattan, offering 437,599 sq ft of office space. Since its completion in 1952, this location has been home to many successful businesses, including Adams Street Partners and Rockwood Equity Partners. With 24-hour access, an attended lobby, elevators, a 320-car garage, and advanced safety systems, this building provides top-notch amenities for its tenants. And with its underground shopping concourse, it even connects to the Rockefeller Center complex, making it easy to grab a bite or do some shopping without leaving the building.


  • Entire 23rd Floor, Suite 2301 (Image Source: VTS


Offered for immediate occupancy as a direct lease, this 2nd generation office space measures 7,956 square feet and can accommodate an estimated 53 people.

  • Entire 22nd Floor, Suite 2201 (Image Source: VTS)


​​Offered for immediate occupancy as a direct lease, this 2nd generation office space measures 7,979 square feet and can accommodate an estimated 53 people.

Midtown, Grand Central

The Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building, a 1.1-million-square-foot Art Deco skyscraper, is a highly sought-after location for companies seeking office space in NYC’s Grand Central submarket. As a National Historic Landmark, it offers more than just Class A, LEED, and Gold-certified office space. In addition to these top-notch certifications, tenants also enjoy 24/7 access, security, and a concierge-attended lobby. And with a direct connection to Grand Central Station, commuting to and from work is made easy. But that’s not all; the energy-efficient central HVAC systems also make the building an environmentally conscious choice. Notable tenants of this iconic location include Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Time Inc., and Regus, to name a few.


  • Partial 35th Floor, Suite 3504 (Image Source: VTS)


This 2,803 sq ft office space with an estimated capacity for 19 people is currently available for direct lease in its 2nd generation condition.

  • Partial 32nd Floor, Suite 3201 (Source: VTS)


This 4,728 sq ft office space with an estimated capacity for 32 people is currently available for direct lease in its 2nd generation condition, featuring a 10′ 6″ slab-to-slab ceiling height.

  • Entire 51st Floor, Suite E51 (Image Source: VTS)


This 11,183 sq ft office space with an estimated capacity for 75 people is currently available for sublease in its pre-existing condition.

Midtown, Hudson Yards

55 Hudson Yards

Experience luxury and sustainability in one seamless package at 55 Hudson Yards, a 51-story, Class A office tower. This building boasts LEED Gold certification and a cast-iron exterior reminiscent of 19th Century SoHo, making it a stunning addition to the New York City skyline. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by not only stunning views of the Hudson River and Hudson Boulevard Park but also an expansive 360-degree terrace and flexible floor plates. And if that wasn’t enough, this location is also home to prestigious financial services firms like Point72, Silver Lake, MarketAxess, Wells Fargo, and Stonepeak. The combination of luxury, sustainability, and top-notch tenants makes 55 Hudson Yards a must-see location for any business seeking office space in New York City.


  • Partial 3rd Floor, Suite 301 (Image Source: VTS)


This turnkey office space is available now for sublease, with an estimated capacity of 47 people and a size of 10,853 square feet.

Midtown, Hudson Yards

441 Ninth Avenue- Hudson Commons

Initially an industrial warehouse, Hudson Commons at 441 Ninth Avenue has undergone a remarkable transformation into a noteworthy Class A office tower. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies, mushroom-capped columns, and efficient floor plates. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the $1 billion sale in 2021 made it the biggest investment transaction in NYC since June 2019. While the building is predominantly known for hosting tech giants like Lyft and Peloton, it’s also home to financial firms like Brevet Capital Management. In short, Hudson Commons offers a versatile space that caters to a wide range of businesses.


  • Entire 3rd Floor, Suite 300 (Image Source: VTS)


This 50,319 sq ft office space with an estimated capacity for 335 people is currently available for sublease in its pre-existing condition.

Other Office Buildings Suitable for Hedge Funds in Manhattan

The Plaza District | Midtown Manhattan

  • 40 East 52nd Street – home to BlackRock
  • 520 Madison Avenue – home to Davidson Kempner Capital Management
  • 40 West 57th Street – home to Elliott Management
  • Bloomberg Building | 731 Lexington Avenue
  • 425 Park Avenue
  • 510 Madison Avenue
  • Solow Building | 9 West 57th Street

Times Square | Midtown Manhattan

  • 5 Times Square
  • 7 Times Square
  • 11 Times Square
  • 620 Eighth Avenue
  • 55 West 46th Street | Tower 46

Grand Central | Midtown Manhattan

  • 505 Fifth Avenue

Hudson Yards | Midtown Manhattan

World Trade Center | Downtown Manhattan

Financial District | Downtown Manhattan

  • 17 State Street

The Key Takeaway

As we’ve explored Manhattan’s finest office buildings for hedge funds, it’s clear that location, Class A amenities, and prestige are all essential components for success in the financial world. From iconic skyscrapers in Midtown to modern masterpieces in Lower Manhattan, these buildings provide top-notch facilities and foster a sense of community among the financial elite.

Therefore, selecting the appropriate office space is of utmost importance for any hedge fund or financial services firm, as it substantially influences operations and client impressions. Ultimately, by opting for a location within these distinguished structures, your firm will not only attract top talent and forge invaluable connections but also thrive in the competitive NYC market.


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