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Who We Are

Since 2004, Metro Manhattan Office Space has negotiated hundreds of office space leases throughout New York City. We focus on representing New York City business tenants and fighting for their rights and interests.

Over the years, we have represented diverse business tenants, including tech companies, healthcare providersfinancial services firms, media companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, and more. We prioritize providing substantial professional benefits and negotiating the most favorable business terms possible.

We leverage industry-leading technology and established relationships with the city’s major landlords, managing agents, leasing brokers, and property managers.

However, our role is not limited to helping businesses expand or relocate. We also represent tenants during the lease re-negotiation process. We thoroughly understand market conditions and know what to ask for while representing your business and negotiating on your behalf.

Who We Represent

  • Business owners looking to relocate
  • Startups looking to rent their first office space
  • Companies that have outgrown co-working spaces
  • Commercial tenants with expiring leases
  • Firms in the market to expand their office space

Our Priority: Negotiating Real Estate Value While Identifying the Best NYC Office Space

The commercial real estate market in New York City is complex, with many players serving various roles. Realtors, agents, and brokers facilitate the process. However, you may often hear the following terms used confusingly and interchangeably:

  • Managing Agent
  • Property Manager
  • Leasing Agent
  • Landlord’s Broker
  • Landlord’s Agent
  • Tenant Rep Broker

Differentiating between brokers may be the most confusing for many tenants. What’s more, they often don’t understand that…

Three types of commercial real estate brokers exist in New York City:

Exclusively represents the landlord
Represents both landlords and tenants
Exclusively represent the tenant (tenant rep brokers)

  1. Exclusively represents the landlord
  2. Represents both landlords and tenants
  3. Exclusively represent the tenant (tenant rep brokers)

Most large brokerage firms fall into category 2. But, of course, representing both sides can create conflicts of interest.

We differentiate ourselves by solely falling into category 3- exclusively representing the tenant.

Many brokers will show a tenant space they represent rather than objectively researching the market and selecting spaces that best match the tenant’s criteria. We never do this. We exclusively represent tenants, and your needs always come first.

Furthermore, agents and brokers representing specific buildings pound the pavement much less than commercial real estate brokers specializing in tenant representation. They do not have exposure or knowledge of the city’s broad inventory.

However, we invest a large portion of our time in physically inspecting available commercial space in New York City and therefore have superior knowledge of the available inventory of commercial office space.

The Misconception of Brokers- We Will Negotiate You a Great Deal

There are many misconceptions about the involvement of brokers. The biggest is that it materially changes the economics of a deal. However, this is not the case. However, you need to work with a realtor that is knowledgable and puts your interests first.

Having a broker represent you provides you with market data and leverage. Of course, this is contingent on the broker’s thorough knowledge of the New York City commercial real estate inventory and awareness of the landlords offering the most favorable terms.

A broker that fits this bill while focusing exclusively on tenant representation will provide considerable negotiating leverage.

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