5 Manhattan Office Neighborhoods for Media and Publishing Companies

12 December, 2019 / Alan Rosinsky
Iconic NYC buildings with fire escapes, ideal for media and publishing offices.

Often lauded as a commercial powerhouse, New York City offers a dynamic setting where media and publishing giants such as The New York Times and HarperCollins thrive. This city’s heartbeat resonates with the buzz of business, shaping a vibrant backdrop for industry frontrunners and up-and-coming ventures alike. Therefore, it’s no surprise that four out of America’s top ten newspapers have rooted themselves here, reinforcing the city’s standing as a cornerstone for media.

The publishing scene mirrors this dynamic. It’s a vibrant blend of established industry leaders and emerging indie presses. Innovative and enticing, it is a sanctuary for creative minds and a hotspot for book lovers.

However, within this sprawling metropolis, specific neighborhoods stand out as favored hotspots, each with a distinct appeal. This article zeroes in on five of these Manhattan office neighborhoods for media and publishing companies. So whether you’re seeking the ideal office location or intrigued by the industry’s geographical preferences in NYC, this guide promises to be a valuable resource.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, known for its distinct character, is home to several noteworthy commercial buildings that are particularly appealing to the media and publishing companies. Case in point, Carol Mann Agency, a boutique media firm, has set up shop in a historic Beaux Arts building at 55 Fifth Avenue, also known as the Brookdale Center.

However, Greenwich Village is home to many other iconic commercial spaces. There’s the historic Wanamaker Building at 770 Broadway, appealing for its flexible layouts and modern amenities. Notably, 799 Broadway provides a glass-clad modern workspace, with multi-level terraces and minimalist interiors. The classical structure at 817-819 Broadway merges tradition with modernity, offering a vibrant street life, spacious interiors, and up-to-date facilities. Lastly, the Union Building at 853 Broadway combines historic charm and high-tech features. Each of these unique structures creates a conducive work environment for media and publishing firms.

Herald Square

Named after the defunct New York Herald newspaper formerly headquartered in this area, Herald Square is a noteworthy part of Midtown South. Anchoring the junction of Broadway, Sixth Avenue, and 34th Street, the neighborhood blends history with an exciting present.

The neighborhood boasts several loft-style office spaces that lure in startups and creative firms. Firms like Universal McCann and Reprise Digital favor 100 West 33rd Street, while Herald Towers at 50 West 34th Street combines history with modern facilities. The iconic Macy’s Herald Square building offers unique office spaces, featuring high ceilings and large windows. Across the way, 112 West 34th Street boasts renovated spaces with city views, while the modern Nomad Tower at 1250 Broadway offers spacious plans and amenities such as a fitness center. This range of offerings makes Herald Square appealing for media and publishing businesses.

Madison Square

Madison Square is a distinguished enclave in Manhattan. While the neighborhood is a magnet for insurance and financial firms, with around 20 million square feet of office space, the appeal extends beyond finance. Its past and present cement it among Manhattan’s most desirable office neighborhoods for media and publishing.

Architectural jewels from the prewar era dot Madison Square, drawing in a rich array of creative industry tenants. Although Macmillan Publishers, the parent company of St. Martin’s Press, relocated from the iconic Flatiron Building, the neighborhood hosts other media and publishing tenants. Rizzoli Publications, for instance, is a tenant at 300 Park Avenue South. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the Jewelcor Building at 50 W 23rd Street hosts digital powerhouses Dailymotion, SoundCloud, and theSkimm.

Union Square

Union Square occupies the junction of Fourth Avenue and Broadway, set within the borders of 14th and 17th Streets. A significant city transportation hub known for its pulse and energy, Union Square possesses versatile office spaces that attract companies across many industries and sizes. Media and publishing is no exception.

Its list of media and publishing tenants is diverse. There’s Avrett Free Ginsberg at 71 5th Avenue, the Society of Publication Designers at 27 Union Square West, and art studio Warshaw Blumenthal at 215 Park Avenue South, to name a few. Moreover, Soho Press and 21st Century Artists at 853 Broadway add to the creative flair.

In addition, you’ll find Facebook and Believe Media at 225 Park Avenue South, calling Union Square home. Rounding off with Young and Rubicam and London-based WPP at 230 Park Avenue South, it’s clear that this district knows how to draw in global powerhouses. With such diversity, Union Square is a vibrant player in office neighborhoods for media and publishing.

World Trade Center

Downtown Manhattan’s World Trade Center submarket needs no introduction. Beyond One World Trade Center, the entire neighborhood experienced a long and extensive redevelopment process. The area now features highly amenitized trophy-level buildings to meet current standards and the Fulton Street Transit Center, adding to its accessibility and appeal. Renowned companies occupy its towering structures, contributing to a quarter of Lower Manhattan’s total capacity.

Stroll around, and you’ll see the illustrious names gracing the area. The Associated Press, PR Newswire Association, and Time Inc. call Brookfield Place home. A stone’s throw away, at One Liberty Plaza, resides Cambridge University Press and Business Insider.

Moreover, Conde Nast is creating ripples in the media landscape at One World Trade Center. Fresh from Madison Square, Macmillan adds to the charm, sharing space with HarperCollins Publishers at 195 Broadway. Hence, the World Trade Center area is a top choice among Manhattan’s office neighborhoods for media and publishing firms.

The Key Takeaway

Manhattan showcases various office neighborhoods for media and publishing, each exuding a unique charm. In Greenwich Village, the rich heritage fosters creativity. Meanwhile, with its vibrant ambiance, Herald Square offers enticing loft-style offices. On the other hand, Madison Square, adorned with architectural wonders, appeals to the creative industry. Union Square, in contrast, lures diverse businesses with versatile office spaces. Finally, the World Trade Center, gleaming with modern structures, stands as an indisputable top pick. These districts collectively shape Manhattan’s rich mosaic, painting a dynamic picture of its thriving media and publishing sector.

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