Coworking Space in New York City

New York City businesses seeking short-term or temporary office space are well served by renting offices in executive office space in Manhattan. Coworking, short-term or temporary office space are suitable options for start-ups or small businesses who require maximum flexibility.

These shared facilities do not require a long-term commitment; it is possible to rent offices on a month-to-month basis. Companies occupying these facilities can acquire more office space or downsize with relative ease. For small businesses with fewer than three employees, executive office suites are particularly cost-effective. Executive office suites are plug-and-play. They are delivered furnished with active phone systems and Internet service.

Internet start-ups and young companies often prefer Manhattan office space rentals in these shared environments.

Coworking Space – Advantages

If you’re not ready to commit to the typical two-year lease required by commercial landlords in Manhattan, consider the benefits of choosing to lease from executive office space facilities in Manhattan:

  • Flexibility –Your business can acquire the precise amount of office space it needs without signing a long-term lease. You can quickly rent additional space if your business expands, or you need to downsize. This level of flexibility would be impossible if you signed a lease for demised space directly with the landlord or a Manhattan office building.
  • Full-service suites – With executive office space, you don’t have to sacrifice amenities like a break room and pantry, or mail and reception services. These common areas are shared among the occupants of the suite, and the facility manages cleaning services and maintains the space. Telephone answering, receptionist, and word-processing services are generally available, and businesses have access to shared conference rooms.
  • Move-in ready – Renting an executive office space is easy, especially when compared to the logistics of setting up a new office space when businesses sign a lease for a demised space. With this turnkey solution, you can take possession of your new space immediately upon signing the lease. You don’t have to wait for the landlord to build out your space or for the telecom provider to install Internet service.

Committing to a longer lease

In many cases, as businesses grow beyond 3 employees, it becomes more cost effective to lease a demised space directly from a landlord—so long as the tenant is comfortable with the minimum two-year lease term that commercial landlords generally require. If your firm is seeking a flexible/short term lease but prefers a private  space, you may want to consider subleasing office space.

A final point to consider when deciding between a demised lease or an executive office space in Manhattan involves brand. Executive office suites offer businesses limited opportunities when it comes to placing the business’ name and logo on the door or directory boards. In a demised space, however, companies can place signage on the entry door from the corridor and have their name listed in the building lobby directory.